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Developer :
Macrales Studio (France)

Publisher :
Ukuza (USA)

Co-Producer :
Shibuya Productions (Monaco)

Genre :
Neo retro couch party platformer

Release date :
July 13th 2018

Platforms :
PC / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch
PS4 later

Website :

Social :


  • A retro couch party game experience
  • A tribute to the beloved movies of the 80-90’s : Godzilla, Nosferatu, Jurrasic Park, Alien… You’ll play in parodies of famous movies of the 80-90’s, in scenes that it’s possible to recognize if you’re a movie fan.
  • A user friendly gameplay, simple to learn but with a real challenge for every type of players thanks to the different games mode : Story, Speedrun, Hardcore and Battle
  • More than 350 levels to master
  • An original soundtrack composed by the famous Rococo core band, Pryapisme


Dive into the bizarre world of Epic Loon, a quirky physics platformer for up to 4 players playable in couch co-op or battle mode.

An offbeat tribute to classic movies, players lead a group of aliens to take over Joe’s TV after they are rudely awakened from their home, an old-school cleaning VHS-tape.








« A platformer quite singular and fundamentally crazy »







Indie Mag
« The sound and graphic atmosphere is very special, but I loved it! »


Indie Mag




PC Gamer

« Epic Loon is as much as a romp through 80’s and 90’s cinema as it is a game. »


PC Gamer






Cliqist logo

« Words Cannot Describe the Lunacy of Epic Loon »








Gaming Bolt

« …an irreverent sense of humour and a style that invokes games that destroy the fourth wall like Pony Island. »


Gaming Bolt




Games Knight

« Epic Loon is a loving homage to the old 80s / 90s sci-fi and horror movies. »


Games Knight





« Everything in the game refers to the classic movies : VHS tapes, squeaks, bad TV reception and stuff… let’s say trash. »







Logo Joypad.fr
« Nostalgics and multiplayer lovers, this game is for you ! »








« What looks at first sight a bit minimalistic, unfolds a great playful depth, which requires all your skills. »






Game Busters

« Simple but brilliant »






« Epic Loon combines simple jumping mechanics with cult films from the 90s, a reduced, dark style and a lot of humor »


PC Master 



Logo UnAutreBlog

« After 20 minutes, I was totally addicted ! »






Logo Beyond Pixels

« A gloriously coiled retro couch party game »


Beyond Pixel





« Hard to drop the gamepad ! » 







Logo Lev3lUp
« Epic loon is a game … how to say …. atypical… »








Logo 4Gamers
« It’s a game that you should definitely get home if you regularly organize a game night with friends. »







« With several beers, a pizza and a bunch of friends, Epic Loon promises beautiful evenings insulting mums, the ass screwed into the sofa. » 






Logo Game Plane

« The more you’re bad, the more you’re thrilled ! »


Game Plane






« Directly in the list of games I’ll get for a friends party! »







Dress Me Geekly

« I laughed, I raged a little, I exulted when I managed to make the jumps correctly »


Dress Me Geekly







logo comunidadnamera

« Speaking of what touches me, I bring what for me is a jewel of good. Since it is a physics platform game, multiplayer and made to use the controller. We go in a game of sticking to the TV, with colleagues and a beer. »


Comunidad Namera














GameLegends logoScore : 9.1/10

« This product could seem to make no sense, chaotic in its production with dozens of different influences. But the work of the French Macrales Studio team has turned its madness into genius, with the support of Ukuza, Shibuya Productions, CNC and Pictanovo » – Read the full review













« If there is one thing that Epic Loon does very well, it’s to transport the player back to the VHS period. From his epic introduction (intentionally crude) to the menus, and of course, the gameplay; what we have here is a real love declaration to the old movies »
Read the full review










logo Insatiable Gamer
Score : 8.5/10

« This is a very fun game that I enjoyed playing a lot. It has wonderful level designs and a beautiful soundtrack, both inspired by old films. This would be a great game to play at a party, and could even be a good drinking game. I would suggest this game to anybody looking for some fun with their friends. » – Read the full review









logo Falange

« Epic Loon also features an excellent voice-over and original soundtrack along with unique visuals and one of the best, if not the best, menu in the history of video games. In addition to all the solo fun or together in front of a couch, Epic Loon still features specific modes targeted to hardcore platform players as well as speedrunners . Created especially for the generation that grew up with games, Epic Loon is an insane and hilarious game, capable of providing endless hours of fun with friends. » – Read the full review





logo pixel glitch
Score : 8/10

« Without any doubt, an excellent game for parties where the laughter and the good soundtrack can create great moments of fun and relaxation. It is possible to play up to four people in this game that is a pure tribute to the movies of yesteryear. » – Read the full review






logo la souris du web

« With more than 350 levels available through the different game modes, Epic Loon will make you spend hours and hours with friends. The universe of the ’90s is well represented and plunges us well into this era of VHS and old televisions. » – Read the full review







Logo Stay nerd
Score : 7.7/10

« The latest work of Macrales Studio, which had intrigued us a lot in the last months, has proven to be up to expectations. » – Read the full review









Logo Geeky Hobbies

« Overall I enjoyed my time with Epic Loon. The game deserves a lot of credit for creating a truly unique and engaging experience. The premise of playing as aliens trying to destroy classic films is a great idea that is significantly different than anything else I have seen before. The game’s art style is also great. The gameplay was a little different than I expected and takes some time to adjust to. After you get used to it though it is surprisingly fun. The game works really well as a multiplayer game as well. » – Read the full review











logo ActuGaming
Score : 7/10

« Epic Loon is a delirious UFO of the independent game universe. Although he will not convince everyone with his B-movies aspect, he also has many more « serious » qualities like a neat artistic direction, a superb soundtrack, and a good multiplayer mode. » – Read the full review









logo Xbox World
Score : 6.8/10

« With its beautiful artistic direction and its retro and atypical universe, Epic Loon manages to charm the thirties VHS nostalgic from the title screen. As long as you adhere to the loony humor and its soundtrack sometimes crazy, the game of Macrales Studio will make you spend a good time, especially if you play with friends. » – Read the full review










logo GamersNet
Score : 6.5/10

« With Epic Loon, the French indie studio Macrales Studio manages to create an entertaining game. Although the game quickly repeats, Epic Loon scores especially points because of the hysteria in the co-op mode, but also for the recognition in the levels. The principle is fairly basic, but on the other hand the control is reasonably innovative. » – Read the full review










logo LPDD
Score : 5.8/10

« The game is really fun with other players. The 90’s universe is well exploited, a little too much for my taste but hey, the theme is respected. Let’s wait and see if the studio will reveal other « themes » in the future, in DLC . It would be really cool! Also, the SpeedRun mode of the four vHS will lengthen the life of the title a little longer. » – Read the full review











logo Gamer Brain
Score : 5.6/10

« Epic Loon is undoubtedly a unique title. We are certainly not facing a masterpiece, but we can certainly not deny how originality and a well-conceived idea can make the difference. » – Read the full review







Jurrasik land VHS


Epic Loon Nosferacula VHS


Epic Loon Grojira VHS


Epic Loon Alien the Hitchhicker VHS


Key Art animated
Alien transformation
Death burnt
Death melted
Death Exploded
Vampire ladie
Death slashed


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Gameplay Teaser
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Ukuza to publish Epic Loon
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